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American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)

In 2016, AMP was referred to as campus anti-Israel group Students for Justice in Palestine’s (SJP’s) “most important sponsor and organizer,” and “a leading driver” of BDS in the U.S. AMP leaders have spread anti-Semitism, expressed support for Hamas terrorists and praised the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

As of February 2019, one AMP national board member reportedly raised money for Hamas, while another two board members have been linked to alleged Hamas financiers (information from Canary Mission).

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

BDS is designed to erode support for Israel and isolate it as a pariah, with the goal to eventually eliminate the Jewish state. It creates bias against Israel among social and political leaders as well as future voters. It is fundamentally racist, an expression of the new anti-Semitism that targets the Jewish state instead of Jews. It demonizes and dehumanizes Israelis and their supporters in ways that evoke classic anti-Semitism. BDS manifests in different ways, often focusing on college campuses such as “Israeli Apartheid Week.” The movement exploits communities of color, progressive organizations and campus media (From SWU).

Bend the Arc

Bend the Arc is a politically partisan organization of Jewish progressives. The group praises Democrats and calls Republicans immoral. Bend the Arc denies involvement in issues regarding Israel, but many consider this to be an anti-Israel group, based on policies they support and alliances.

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

CAIR states that it supports legal defense of Muslims. The United Arab Emirates declares it to be a terrorist group. CAIR does not denounce Hamas or Hezbollah. CAIR honors antisemites Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar, and gives them a platform as speakers at their events.

Canary Mission

Canary Mission documents individuals and organizations that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on North American college campuses. Canary Mission investigates hatred across the entire political spectrum, including the far right, far left and anti-Israel activists.

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)

CAMERA, founded in 1982, is a media-monitoring, research and membership organization devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East. CAMERA fosters rigorous reporting, while educating news consumers about Middle East issues and the role of the media. It is also the source of the 2017 monograph “Indoctrinating Our Youth” which documents anti-Israel bias in US school systems.

Christians and Jews United for Israel (CJUI)

CJUI is a organization that unites Christians and Jews to support Israel’s right to exist with defensible borders. It recognizes Jerusalem as the historic and eternal capital of Israel, and supports the development of Jewish communities in Israel’s historic and biblical heartland.

Club Z

Club Z cultivates the next generation of proud and articulate Jewish leaders. They connect teens to their Jewish identity, Israel, Zionism and a community of like-minded activists at a key point in their lives. They help teens become proud of their Jewish heritage, and provide them with tools to address issues of bigotry and antisemitism head-on. Club Z graduates can become strong Zionist leaders on college campuses.

Code Pink

Code Pink is a group that claims to be anti-war and pro-social justice, but they are silent when Israelis are attacked and killed. They work with state sponsors of terrorism in Iran and Gaza. They are virulently anti-Israel and pro-BDS.

Christians United for Israel (CUFI)

CUFI is a group that recognizes that Jews and Israel are under attack. At 8 million strong, CUFI educates, motivates & activates their millions of members to “hear the suffering of our Jewish friends and to speak out with one voice in support of their families. We make Israel stronger and her people safer one person at a time.”


Hamas is a known terrorist group. In 2005 Israel forced Jews out of their homes in Gaza in order to give land to Palestinians in the hope for peace. Instead, the Palestinians of Gaza elected the terrorist group Hamas to lead them. Hamas uses aid money to build and launch rockets against civilians in Israel. They also use the money to build terror tunnels into Israel. Hamas encourages Palestinian children to hate and kill Jews.

Israeli Defense Force (IDF)

The IDF is the Israeli military. All Jewish Israeli citizens are mandated to serve in the IDF. On the other hand, Muslims and other minorities are not obligated to serve. In other words, Jewish Israelis risk their lives protecting their country and its minority populations.

If Not Now

If Not Now was founded in 2014 and is composed of Jewish progressives. This group shows compassion for terrorists (prays for them) but does not demonstrate similar compassion for Israeli victims of terrorist attacks. “As a movement, we understand the Occupation as Israel’s military rule over Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza.” They blame only Israel for conditions of Muslim Arabs under the control of Hamas and the PA. They also disrupt Birthright trips, hijacking them to promote their own agenda.

J Street

J Street claims to be pro-Israel, however they minimize threats to Israeli security and Arab incitement against Jews. They support reversion to 1967 lines which endangers Israeli security, and they are also against Israeli housing projects for Jews. Despite multiple Muslim Arab rejections, this group supports the creation of a new “Palestinian” state (in addition to the other already in existence, Jordan). They pressure Israel to make concessions for another Palestinians state, and expect nothing from surrounding Muslim Arab states. They support criticism of Israel but do not express criticism of Muslim Arabs, Hamas or the PA, often siding with them.

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)

The JVP is an organization that supports terrorists and condones terrorism against Israel and Israelis in the name of “peace.” They support BDS and are virulently anti-Israel. They are purveyors of the “Deadly Exchange” campaign. This group is also thought to have support from antisemitic organizations. They claim a small budget but given their outreach and materials, it is likely that have significant material support from antisemitic groups.

New Israel Fund

New Israel Fund claims to support pluralism and tolerance, but only demands this from Jews, not from Muslim Arabs. They “work to constrain the settlement enterprise.”  In other words, they are against Jews living in Judea.

Palestinian Authority (PA)

The Palestinian Authority was established in 1994 as an outgrowth of Yassir Arafat’s terrorist organization, PLO, and as part of the Oslo Accords. When Arafat signed onto the plan, he promised to stop inciting terrorism, but the incitement continued within days of signing the agreement. Some believe this voided the Oslo accords; however Israel continues to follow their part of the bargain. The Palestinian Authority rules Muslim Arabs in Judea/Samaria. Their leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has been in charge since 2005. He is a known Holocaust denier.

Popular Front for the National Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)

The PFLP is a terrorist organization. It recruits American students on college campuses through the “Eyewitness Palestine” organization. Their activities have been documented by NCCI in connection with SJP at Duke University.

Researching the American-Israel Alliance (RAIA)

RAIA is another anti-Israel group whose goal is to destroy Israel, in this case by severing ties between America and Israel. They are another organization “providing research” behind the “Deadly Exchange” campaign.

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)

SJP was co-founded in 2001 at the University of California at Berkeley by Professors Hatem Bazian and Snehal Shingavi. This group incites antisemitism on campus and frequently intimidates and harasses Jewish students. It claims to be against racism, sexism and homophobia, but spends nearly all of its efforts towards the destruction of Israel. It promotes the BDS campaign wherever it can. SJP members often shut down free speech of anyone who supports Israel.

StandWithUs (SWU)

SWU was founded in 2001 and now has chapters on five continents. It is an international non-partisan Israel education organization that inspires and educates people of all ages and backgrounds. They fight antisemitism in schools, from middle school to high school to colleges and universities. SWU has a strong social media presence, with postings in 18 languages including Arabic. They hold conferences and support speakers in order to teach people in the community about Israel and the Middle East. Their educational materials are clear, concise and very helpful to anyone who is interested in learning about Israel and the history of the Jewish people.


T’ruah is a group of rabbis who claim to be for human rights, but they do not support Jewish Israeli rights. They are silent about Palestinian pay-to-slay policy, which pays Muslim Arabs to kill Jews. They condemn “legitimization of Israeli settlements.”  In other words they are against Jewish rights to live in Judea.

United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNWRA)

UNWRA was founded in 1949 specifically to assist only Arab refugees from Israel. The UNHCR serves all other refugees throughout the world. UNWRA is also unique in that it serves refugees in perpetuity. From an initial number of Arab refugees, approximately 750,000, UNWRA now serves 5.5 million. The UN Watch has documented UNRWA teachers’ incitement to jihadist terrorism and antisemitism.

US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR)

The USCPR is a coalition of over 300 organizations, created after the Second Intifada in 2001 to coordinate their efforts and develop a single national voice. The USCPR seeks to achieve “no less than the transformation of U.S. public opinion,” so that America ceases to support Israel. The USCPR is “at the very heart” of the global BDS Movement’s efforts to isolate Israel.  In recent years, it has been actively pressuring federal government officials to further this agenda. While USCPR claims to advocate for justice and human rights, it is in fact a coalition of extremists promoting a campaign of hate which harms Israelis and Palestinians alike (from SWU).

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA)

ZOA, founded in 1897, is the oldest Zionist organization in America. A strong and unapologetic supporter of Israel, ZOA routinely takes a firm stand against anti-Semitism. This organization supports the right of Jews to live in Judea and Samaria. They also provide strong legal support to victims of antisemitism.