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October 2021 – AG

I found out about NCCI when they were formed in response to the Durham, NC city council's BDS resolution, and have been involved with them ever since. They work tirelessly on many different fronts fighting antisemitism. I have personally seen them go in front of the Raleigh council and I spoke as part of their organization in front of the North Carolina Human Relations Commission. The scope of their activism is very impressive, as it stretches from Burlington Vermont all the way to Seattle, Washington. I support this group 100% and will continue to do so!

October 2021 – LM

NCCI continues to impress with a commitment to correct lies propagated by Jew-haters and to spread the truth about Israel. They are outspoken about antisemitism in all its forms--on campus, in the media, in government. They are courageous and unafraid to challenge the silence in the media and social advocacy groups when antisemitism appears in school curricula, city council resolutions, and other venues. I am proud to support NCCI as the premier pro-Israel advocacy group in North Carolina, and urge all Zionists and pro-Israel advocates to do the same.

October 2019

We are happy to be involved with NCCI! This group has proven itself to be 100% pro-Israel, as evidenced by its programming and events. The group welcomes differing opinions from its members to achieve and ensure an effective outcome: Engage the Triangle community and bring everyone together to support the State of Israel as well as speak out against anti-Semitism. NCCI works alone and in collaboration with other likeminded organizations.

October 2019

The NCCI is an activist community-based organization, run by volunteers, that really gets the message out in the Durham/Chapel Hill area that Israel is a wonderful country, deserving of support, not boycotts.

November 2019

The NCCI addressed the Durham City Council boycott of Israeli police with a multifaceted strategy. In part, they assembled a diverse group of speakers to educate the NC Human Relations Commission regarding the antiSemitism involved in the DCC action, and co-sponsored educational speakers, including Yahya Mahmoud and Hussein Aboubakr, who grew up being taught antiSemitism and came to understand the need to condemn it.